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Arabic Mehndi Designs ? Interesting Concepts for Every Mehndi Lover

There are many variations of mehndi designs considering how distributed this art form is in many countries. There are African, Indian, Moroccan and Arabic mehndi designs which all have their respective distinct characteristics. Mehndi designs are known to be made of somewhat intricate and detailed designs. However, there are also designs that are simple and recommended for beginners. Out of the kinds of mehndi designs mentioned earlier, Arabic designs are known to contain the simplest details that don?t take too much time to be done. Hence, such designs would be suggested for people who prefer mehandi designs which are less time consuming yet still has the same artistry which any mehandi design can evoke.

Source: http://mehndidesignsforhandz.blogspot.com/

Source: http://mehndidesignsforhandz.blogspot.com/

Just like in other cultures, mehndi in Arabic culture is strongly associated with wedding ceremonies as a part of the bride-to-be?s garb. Both the hands are feet are covered in typically black henna paste as the bride is assisted by her female friends and aunts during the festive occasion. The application phase is done days before the actual wedding ceremony. Aside from weddings, mehndi also becomes popular during Eid which is a significant Islamic festival celebrated in many nations. The application of mehndi can also be compared to how make-up is used by many women across the globe for beautifying and expressing themselves. While other mehndi designs are known to have the entirety of the feet and hands covered up with patterns, Arabic mehndi designs usually do not have such a characteristic of covering the whole hands or feet. With Arabic designs, there are usually gaps between the patterns. The fact that Arabs have a very interesting and creative culture is no secret to many and it is no wonder that their mehndi designs have been a popular choice even to individuals who belong from other cultures. For instance, women from India or Pakistan also love wearing Arabic designs for occasions wherein mehndi is a part of. Aside from the usual henna paste being used, other elements such as sparkles can be used to make the design even more appealing. The mehndi design can also be made to match the wearer?s attire or jewelry for that added effect of grace and elegance. Moreover, traditional mehndi designs typically come in just a single color but still that doesn’t change its allure and charm which can captivate anyone who lays their eyes on them. Even the simplest designs represent expression, artistry and tradition. For a roll of pictures of mehndi designs which are Arabic, click this link to StyleCraze.com.

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