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Mehandi Designs ? Ideas and Information

If you haven?t heard of the term mehandi, then it is likely that you’ve hard of a more familiar word that can be associated with this term. I?m talking about ?Henna? which is a term usually associated with tattoos. So, how is Henna related to mehandi (also called mehndi)? Henna is actually a plant that grows in parts of Africa, the southern parts of Asia and in some places in the north of Australia. From this plant, a paste was made to be used in painting a person?s hands, feet and other parts of the body. Some essential oils and other plant extracts have also been added to the mixture for more texture or help make its staining properties enhanced. Due to such properties, Henna has since been widely used to for dying hair or creating body art. In connection with this, mehandi refers to the art form of applying henna for painting parts of the body. Mehandi is a part of Indian and various middle-eastern cultures. The art of mehandi has existed for about 5000 years. It was used for different purposes such as for ceremonies, rituals and other artistic uses. There were even mummies uncovered by archaeologists which show traces of henna on parts of their body. Moreover, mehandi designs are also used by Indian brides for pre marriage rituals. Given how this art form is distributed in different regions, the diversity when it comes to the designs is also apparent. Since different cultures have different beliefs, practices vary from region to region. For instance, Indians come up with intricate floral and paisley designs which cover the whole arm to hand area. On the other hand, Arabic designs usually have larger floral patterns. Mehandi sure has a big part in the traditions of many cultures and without a doubt, it has a history that is indeed fascinating. Aside from this fact, mehandi has found a following from people who seek to have temporary body art on their skin. Due to how henna is a painless method of getting a tattoo, it is no wonder how the popularity of mehandi alongside henna tattoos are becoming popular.

If you find yourself interested in getting a henna tattoo, opting for a mehandi design can prove to be a good choice. Aside from being visually appealing, it is also a great way of discovering designs which are typical of various regions which have mehandi in their traditions. Given the complexity and background that mehandi has, selecting a specific design can be quite challenging especially when you know how the art itself is truly of value. Furthermore, when you talk about mehandi and henna tattooing, two of the most of popular classes of designs would be Indian and Moroccan. Here are some information about them:

Indian Designs

In Indian traditions, mehandi designs are strongly associated with females especially with brides and marriage customs. They also use such forms of art for a lot of occasions. It is as if a requisite accessory that they should have for that special event. Typically, Indian designs of mehandi include those which cover the entirety of the hand. Floral, religious and traditional symbols are usually incorporated in Indian designs of mehandi.

Moroccan Designs

Another country which has mehandi as a part of their history and culture is Morocco. The designs from this North African country are mainly composed of straight lines and geometric designs. Even though other elements such as leaves and flowers are evident in some parts of the country (particularly on the south), Moroccan designs for mehandi generally show a lot of geometric designs and straight lines. Aside from the aforementioned, powerful symbols are also typically used for Moroccan designs.

It is apparent that henna tattoos with mehandi-inspired designs are truly intricate and you would have to seek help from an expert if you are planning to get one. If you find the art of designing a tattoo based on mehandi, then you can choose to buy a henna tattoo kit and start practicing through watching video tutorials showing how it gets done. If you still aren’t too confident with creating your own design, you can begin with pre-made stencil designs. There are quite a number of henna tattoo supply shops out there and if you can?t find one around your area, you can shop through the Internet. Earth Henna, a henna tattoo supply store, is one website to help you get started.

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