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Mehndi Designs for Hands ? Decorate your Hands with Henna and More!

Mehndi designs become even more talked about when the day for a festivity is drawing near ? especially for people who belong to cultures that have mehndi as a part of their traditions. Mehndi designs come in various forms and it is quite apparent how the hands appear to be the most popular area of the body where the henna tattoos are placed. Different symbols are placed on the hands which represent a specific meaning for the mehndi design. For instance, the images and patterns found on the palm typically show symbols which signify opening or offering. Examples of such symbols are floral patterns and mandalas. On the other hand, designs placed on the back of the hand represent protection just like how a shield defends. Every culture has their own symbolisms which signify different meanings. Such symbolisms are wonderfully incorporated into mehndi designs for hands by the creative minds of both mehndi artists and enthusiasts alike.

There are numerous ways to decorate one?s hands with mehndi designs. Aside from the typical henna paste, other elements such as jewelry and sparkles can also be used to pair with the mehndi designs. Decorating one?s hand with mehndi designs is one occasion that every girl looks forward to. There is always that sense of excitement felt when there is an upcoming event wherein girls will finally be able to adorn their hands and feet with mehndi designs. It is great how mehndi also means variety due to the fact that this art form is distributed in a number of Asian and African countries. For example, there are Indian, Arabic and Moroccan designs, among many others. There are floral, linear, geometric and a lot of other patterns that can be made part of the mehndi design. While one striking characteristic of mehndi designs are their intricacies, there are also simple designs that beginners or individuals who have lesser time to spare for designing can opt to have for their hands and feet. Mehndi designs for hands are truly are a great way of showing off artistry and creativity. Having mehndi on the body is something quite accessible where mehndi is a part of the culture, such as India or Morocco. For interested individuals who would want to have mehndi designs on their hands or feet but are not based in places where mehndi artists can be easily found, you can look for mehndi supplies online or around your area. Once you have your materials, you can have fun experimenting on different patterns. Since mehndi can be quite tough for beginners, it is best to be cautious and watch video tutorials online for you to be properly guided. For photo inspirations of hand mehndi designs, check out this article from HubPages.

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