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Simple Mehndi Designs ? From Little to Greater Ideas

Mehndi or Mehandi is an art of body painting which has been a part of the traditions of various cultures for the past 5000 years. This art form has been used for different rituals and ceremonies through using henna to create intricate and attractive designs that serve as great cultural symbols. In our modern times, we are fortunate to serve as witnesses to this millennia-old art form since the practice isn’t limited to only the nations where these forms of art originated. The art of mehndi has gone beyond the horizons of the places of their origin and there are many tattoo artists around the world which are capable of making mehndi designs available to anyone. However, nowadays, you would most likely hear about mehndi due to the fact that it plays a notable part in the celebration of Indian wedding ceremonies. Women who will attend the ceremony gather a few days before the event and apply mehndi on both hands and feet. Whatever the reason is for you to seek more information about mehndi, there is always a design that you can come up with based on the level of your familiarity with the art. For beginners, complicated designs are not recommended due to the intricacies and complexities that go along with them. There?s always a starting point if one aspires to be better with creating mehndi designs. Also, even for those who are simply curious, easier designs would be a great way to learn even a little bit about the craft of tattooing by using mehndi designs. So, how does an individual take a sneak peek or start with mehndi? Through incorporating simple mehndi designs, any person interested in this art form can sure appreciate the beauty of the craft more by starting with easy patterns.

A mehndi design with somewhat more intricate patterns.

Mehandi is primarily seen as an ornament, much like make-up or jewelry which evokes beauty for anyone who beholds it. Many people may be overwhelmed at how mehandi designs come in a lot of forms and each design are representations of art and the skill needed for a person to come up with such intricacies. Even though mehandi designs can be as complicated as the design on the right where almost the entire hands are covered, there are designs with lesser complexities in detail which beginners can try.

A simple mehndi design drawn on a girl's palm.

A much simpler mehndi design drawn on a girl’s palm.

It is really fascinating how even in simple mehndi designs; the amount of artistry and skill applied is remarkable. It just shows how through art, we have limitless possibilities to explore.

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